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When I smoke, I flash. I can’t help myself. (F34)

Little secret ? ? about me. I can cum from my nipples being sucked on. Wanna try it yourself? (F34)

I think your cum would look good all over me. Wanna test my theory? (F34)

It’s late. Let’s go to bed. But would you fill me up first? (F34)

Just woke up. Will you give me a good reason to skip laundry and stay in bed? (F34)

Ever wanted to plow the neighborhood MILF? Help me with these groceries and you’ll find out what it’s like. (F34)

Can I try on some lingerie for you? (F34)

Just a tiny break from the chores. (F34)

I’m supposed to be cleaning the house. But instead I’m taking nudes for you in the hope you will cum for me. (F34)

If you’re back at work today. Take this ON/OFF as a tiny gift to make your day better. (F)

The house is empty. Ever wanted to plow a MILF in her empty house? (F34)

I thought you might like a quick selfie to start the weekend. I hope it’s ok with no makeup. (F34)

Have you ever wondered what the MILF you see at the grocery store looks like underneath her clothe? Now you know. ? (F34)

Which outfit do you like best? (F34)

Do anyone else’s clothes just fall off when your smoke? I hope it’s not just me. (F34)

Can I be your first MILF you fuck?I love teaching new things. (F34)

Monday Morning Vibes. (F34)

What’s your favorite smoking spot? Mines the backyard on a beautiful day. (F34)

The feeling of being home from errands and getting to smoke naked. (F34)

Anyone into fit MILFs who hang out revealed all day at home? (F34)

Good morning cuties. Let’s skip today and just stay in bed, deal? (F)

Come hang out in my bedroom with me. I’ve got lots of room for rolling around. (F34)

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