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Happy (F)risky Friday!!!???(OC)

Happy (F)riday eve!!????(OC)

Sorry (F)or our absence! Happy Thirsty Thursday!???☺?(OC)

What do you do to keep occupied during the isolation? We go unicorn hunting!?????(F)(F)(OC)

YAY!!?? We hit 500 (F)ollowers!! Thank you for all the love.?? We may have to do something special to celebrate! Suggestions????

Everyone loves Titty Tuesday but how about Taco Tuesday?!?! Makes you just want to dive (f)ace first into it!?????????(OC)

Happy Titty Tuesday!???? (F) (OC)

I cant blame her! If I looked that good Id be touching mysel(f) too!??❤❤❤(OC)

Titty Tuesday and new heels! ??(F) (OC)

He was taking too long so I decided to join hi(m)! Got a lot of good pics tonight that well be editing and posting tomorrow so make sure to (f)ollow!???

Having a small (f)un while I wait for my husband to finish his shower. Thought you all may appreciate a sneak peek!??? (OC)

We like to take turns slapping her ass!????(F33)(M36)(OC)

I think you might be able to make out a hand print!??(F)(OC)

As promised! Put in a thin "overtime" at the office today!???????(F33)(M36)(OC)

Pardon the blurriness, was caught mid tittie jump/shake! We are thinking of taking some dirty pictures at office this evening. ????Anyone interested in see something like that?????? (F)(OC)

I get to enjoy these daily but I never grow tired of seeing, feeling and tasting these beauties!???? (F)(OC)

Sometimes you justhave to set the twims free!???(F) (OC)

Time for a shower! You know how I like to get wet!LOL???????? (F) (OC)

Solo shower shenanigans!☺☺?????? (F) (OC)

Love when she put her hair up in handle bars for me!????(F)(OC)

Some times you look so god you cant help but fondle yourself!?????(F)(OC)

That thing she does with her tongue! ???????(F33) (M36) (OC)

Making sure to take it all in! ??? (F33) (M36) (OC)

Just the tip! Just to see how it tastes!???????(F33)(M36)(OC)

If those eyes arent enough to make you nut, that thing she does with her tongue sure will!???? (F33) (M36) (OC)

Time for a little Hulu and I service you!?????? (M36) (F33) (OC)

We call this "easy access" ???(F) (OC)

We call this "easy access" ???(F) (OC)

We call this "easy access" ???(F) (OC)

Quick (f)lash during game night! Our friends have may be getting suspicious! Lol Oh well?‍♀️??? (OC)

(F)riends are waiting for me so we can start our game night! Figured they could wait a second longer! ??? (OC)

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