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Presence with, in, and around a budding (f)ield-becoming (no one likes the ultra pose-y pics, but I like this one)

Something shi(f)ts and it no longer registers as normal. We encounter danger and see the glittery other side without fear.

Something shi(f)ts and its no longer felt as normal. We encounter danger and see the glittery other side without fear.

Using per(f)ormance to gain time.

Using per(f)ormance to gain time.

I love the obscenity of misbehaving limbs. (F)

A (f)elt, or half felt, or barely felt sense of something happening.

An attention to the matterings, the rhythms o(f) living that are addictive or shifting.

We must (painfully) appreciate the di(f)ference between pleasure and desire... even if capitalism is here to perpetually defer pleasure and infinitely intensify desire.

At issue is what it (f)eels like - this isnt something simply mediated by discourse that make those feelings available.

Proprioception is never denied (f)rom this body.

A public/private place (f)rom which I begin. (investing in slut-wear)

I have a break between students in my dreary office; lets (f)ind out if sensations can exert pressure to establish new cultural meanings.

Its a simple moment, a simple moment (f)or you.

Rerouting the potential (f)or epistemic violence.

Let me be the opium to your masses. (F)

Come to my o(f)fice hours for some experiential learning. First topic: bare life.

Peachy keen re(f)ulgence

Im not into (f)itness, but Im into playing at fit-ness.

Uneasy and imper(f)ect.

(f)inally the day is done.

An o(f)fering.

(f)avorite, special occasion skirt

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