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As most people seem to be holding their phone whilst they masturbate, I figured youd want something to do it to, and me doing the same seemed like a cracking idea (F)


Tuesdays still (f)un around here?

At 38, ya gotta make the most of a perky boob day (f)

Not my favourite selfie, but here it is for your enjoyment anyway (38f)

Im pretty sure that this hand-bra didnt used to have such gaping holes (f)

You guys sure have a lot of erections this morning (f)

Any ideas...? (F)

I dont quite get how you guys give the thanks. Am... I... er... doing it right? (f)

Sometimes, this place just needs a small full frontal nudity I think (38f)

Seeing as you guys seem to have no issues with a slut my age in her flamingo underwear... I did you another one (38f)

Is there room for some older British boob action here? (38F)

I have to hop in the shower now, but Im gunna leave this here for you and come back to look at all the wonders youve left me in return (f)

Well, I know what Ill be doing for the rest of the day (f)

My clit has just been licked and sucked into submission... and Im sharing that joy with you (f)

You can look all you like, but I get to touch (f)

Sometimes ya just gotta do it yoursel(f)


Ok (f)ine!! Ill move my hands

(f)or my fellow Brits just getting home from work... you relax, hun. You deserve it

Look... Im gunna do this whether you watch or not (f)

Teeny brown underwear is an essential tool for a girls posting repertoire (f)

So many penises here today... and just one me (f)

So... I enjoy getting undressed for strangers. What do you do? (f)

And today Ive decided that (f)lamingos are the most flattering bum animal

Hey... watchout!! SURPRISE BOOBS (f)

Look, we all do it... but only the brave ones tell strangers about it on the internet (f)

Must there be a child be involved for a MILF to occur? The acronym suggests so... your messages do not (38f)

Imma just gunna pop this here for a second... dont you touch it (f)

(in a hilarious 50s voice): "if left to her own devices, the human girl will quickly become distracted... DO NOT interfere, just observe" (f)

Hey team! Im dark and white now (f)

I trimmed for this... dont make me regret it (38f)

Hey... Want boobs? (f)

Can your precious science explain this.....?!?! (f)

Brrr... gotta keep my (f)ingers warm somehow

Ah (F)ucket! Getting drunk alone is having very exposing side effects

Lay back, look up... (f)ind me

A (f)Inger is often a girls best friend

May I begin? (f)

A tiny Monday morning PoV (f)or you guys

Its a middle finger, type of day (f)

What kinda day are we going to have? (f)

Im just gunna be nude and you cant stop me (f)

Oh, were you headed out?... I thought you might just wanna eat in, tonight... (f)

May I interest you in... ma bewbs?! (f)

Ok, you may not wanna hear this... but sometimes this is just what women look like, and theres nothing you can do to stop it (f)

Internet nudity... anyone? (f)

Did you want to play too? (f)

Just add tongue (f)

Simply... undressed (f)

***(F)ingering update*** well, how you think its going?...

(f)or anyone wanting another angle

***(f)ingering update*** Im trying something new... its good

Its an index (f)inger kinda day...

Hey, hey you! In case nobody says this enough, thanks for getting nude on the internet. I like to do it too (f)

keeping my mornings interesting (f)

Its what Liz would have wanted (f)

Married and (38f), wondering if I can still compete against these insanely sexy youths

Fancy a (f)eel?

The number one reason for having a bath... (f)

Cause, I mean... who doesnt love boobs?!? (f)

Real life pic of me about 3 seconds after opening freeselfshotgirls (f)

Ok... what is a damn rare show, my nipples have decided to be outwardly erect today and there is no way Im keeping that to mysel(f)

Cause if you dont drunkenly post your masturbatory antics on the internet, then what are you even doing with your life? (f)

How do you (f)eel about a couple of British boobies? Theyre a lot like American ones, only dryer, and with more wit

Any (f)ans of a tiny British nudity?

Is it still an unsolicited nude if you came here looking (f)or it?

Im just gunna be over here, keeping busy (f)

Are all the pervs still in bed or just hungover? (f)

WARNING: unsolicited boob pic (f)

Now, whats missing (f)rom this picture?

Have you ever caught someone masturbating? (f)

!!!WARNING!!! - unsolicited (f)lick pic

So, getting undressed for strangers.... am I right?! (f)

I do wonder if anyone I know will be imaging me on to of them, from this (f) ps. sorry about the bush

So. Many. Penises! I o(f)fer my alternative:

My fellow attention seekers and I, thank all o(f) you lovely lot

Masturbatory reasons are as good as any to take a picture (f)or you

Giving any of my neighbours a little show, if any of them are looking this way (f)

Im sure I could find some way to keep you entertained (f)

Shall we get our bank-holiday on? (f)

Sunday HORNing.... am I right?! (f)

Quick, whilst the Americans are asleep, lets the rest of the world takeover. (f) here, Ill start. I give to you ma British boobies

The ladies are really representing today, I gotta join in (f) lovely office everyone

I have to pop to do some work... Im just gunna leave this here for you and see what (f)un I come back to

Over here, just doing ma naked thang (f)

Just a thin hello to all of you who look really good naked, and like to show us (f)

Well thats just how I ride! (f) apologies for the bush

Bathtub boob action time (f)

Did you come here for the same reasons I did? (f)

A quick unsolicited boob, just (f)or you

WARNING!: unsolicited boob pic (f)

ahhh fucket! Im day drunk and yabonly love once, right?! I present to you thousands of internet lovelies... my (very excited) vagina (f)

Ooooh, its busy today... I do wonder if anyone I know I about to see my tits for the first time (f)

Did you have any plans for tonight? Well, I might have a better idea (f)

Seeing you guys revealed is the highpoint of my day. Hoping to share that (f)eeling

Quick, quick... whilst the Americans are asleep, lets (f)Ill this place with British boobies

Unsolicited boob pic... (f)

Well...ummm, did ya wanna...? (f)

Ok then, a sea of erections today? Sorry to ruin the (f)un

Oh... more nude, you say?! (F)iiiine, just a thin more.

Well hello there... Internet, my old friend!! Want some nude? (f)

Dont mind me... just getting my self-worth from strangers on the internet (f)

Well hello there, my horny, Saturday morning (f)riends

Ill just give these a thin tug... (f)

I heard that some of you guys dig a bit of bush action? (f)

Were you curious about what Id look like whilst riding you? Well.... this: (f)

unsolicited (f)lick pic

Have you got any ideas of how I can best put this to some use (f)

Who has seen you naked, that you really wish had not? (f)

Imma just gunna leave this here for you... (F)

The boob game here tonight is spectacular.... Kinda makes me... (F)

theres a damn impressive selection of nude people on here tonight... hope I can keep up (f)

If you walked past your roommates door and happened to see her through the crack, just like this... what would you do? (f)

Well... it certainly wont lick itself (f)

Just doing all I can to keep up with the horny youngstuffs on here (38f)

An excessive amount of penises this morning... Ill add something a tiny different to the mix (f)

unsolicited (f)lick pic

Nothing clever... just nudity (f)

If youve ever wondered what I looked like, whilst riding you... well... its exactly this (f) sorry about the bush btw

I was told to cover up... (f)

A small treat for all the Dads, today (38f)

Im just hopping in the shower... do with this what you will, till I return (38f)

hey, hey.... you guys... my clit is trying to say Hi... be cool, she can be very shy (38f)

I dont know what it is today, but Im feeling a tiny beside mysel(f)

sometimes, I put my breasts on the internet... what do you do to benefit mankind? (f)

A very rare appearance from my erect nipples... say Hi everyone (f)

Just keep cumming, just keep cumming.... (f)

A legit life picture of me, about 3 seconds after opening freeselfshotgirls (f)

Hey! Enough of all this. Now.... lets get down to some nude mumbojumbo (f)

Having a surprisingly good boob day... it felt wrong not to share that (38f)

Its ma birthday, and youre all invited... Does anyone fancy a snack? (38f)

Wanna petite peek at what I look like whilst I peek on you? (F)

Im just going to pop for a shower, but Ill leave this here (f)or you to look at whilst Im gone

I mean... its not going to lick itself now, is it? (F)

How would you paint my canvas? (F)

I was going for a "why even bother with underwear" look... how did I do? (F)

My clit wanted to thank you undressed lovelies so hard, that she even popped out to do so (f)

A-hem... May I please have your attention? (F)

Well, well internet... here we go again... (f)

Just a bit of a Sunday afternoon, unsolicited (f)lick pic for you lovlies

I do wonder if anyone that I know will see my breasts today (f)

As promised.... underwear removed (f)

Unsolicited (f)lick pic

Tell me your gf hi from me (f)

Have I ever inspired your orgasm? yeah....? prove it ? (f)

I expect youre all enjoying yourself as much as I am, on this Tuesday? (F)

Real life pic of me whilst browsing freeselfshotgirls (f)

Gagggh... I cant help myself today, so I present to you internet lovlies, my exceptionally wet vagina (f) use it wisely

Ooo there are a few people here today... I do wonder how many new ones are about to see me naked (f)

Im not the biggest fan of this underwear, but Im having a good boob day, so.....(f)

If you dont look like I do whilst browsing freeselfshotgirls, then what are you even doing here? (F)

Unsolicited boob, you take this! TAKE IT!! (f)

March madness seems to have driven away all my clothes... Look what Ive had to resort to, just to keep warm (f)

Have you ever caught anyone masturbating? (F)

Are tributes still a thing? I (f)eel like nobody talks about them any more

Me: *Has a quick peak at freeselfshotgirls*... SIIIGHHH.... "well, I guess this is me for the next 4 hours" (f)

And now without bush... (f)

Oooh, it seems we have some bush lovers in today, well... Lets see what I can do (f)or you

Been wondering what it looks like to be ridden by me? Well... Wonder no longer (f) sorry about the bush btw

Alright... Im ready (f)

Look... Sometimes ya just want to get drunk in a hottub and put your breasts online... YaKnowWhatIMean?! (f)

*Opens freeselfshotgirls* "Ah, well... I guess this is me for the next 4 hours" (f)

Actual footage of me, about 5 seconds into freeselfshotgirls and Chill (37f)

Working from home has its benefits (f)

I mean... What else is a slut to do? (F)

(F)ull frontal nudity is an underappreciated art, in my eyes... Whatcha reckon?

I kinda miss being a 20-something exhibitionist (37f)

Are you guys into wet boobies...? Thought so (f)

Now... This isnt usually my style, and its certainly the best picture youll ever get off my bum, so make the most of it ? (f)

Actual footage of me edging whilst looking at you lovely lot (37f)

A thin peek through to my side of the phone (f)

Will I help inspire your next orgasm? (F)

Underwear = overrated? (F)

Focus, now. Fooooocus! Nothing distracting here, just ma wet boobies (F)

Yes, I have boobs... I get it ? (f)

Can an older lady get some love around here? (37f)

Is this a sa(f)e place for my masturbatory antics?

My hands look this this, so yours.... Well, so yours can look pretty much the same (37f)

Doing as the weekend demands (f)

"Ah, do you dabble?" they asked... "boy, do I ?" she replied (f)

Real life (f)ootage of me, mere moments after opening freeselfshotgirls

(f)eelin my boob game today

Me, just 3 minutes into freeselfshotgirls and Chill (37f)

Midnight in the UK is almost upon you... As is a small PoV of me in that same position (f)

You guys seem to love British boobs, but no love for my (f)lamingo panties?

Can a thin British boob action, get some approval from Internet strangers? (F)

Ah fucket! Ya only live once eh? Internet... I present to you... My vagina! (f)

You guys seem to be digging the bush today... But do you love exploring it as much as I do? (F)

Youll let me know when youve seen enough... Right? (F)

No need to imagine me on top of your now, heres some PoV action to help you out (f) sorry about the bush btw

A peak into a slightly hairier time of my li(f)e

Dont look at me, Im shhhhhy (f)

Sooooo... How are you spending your Bank Holiday? (37f)

Essentially... Im just a blank canvas (37f)

How do you (f)olks like your ladies?

OK, you guys keep telling me I cover up too much... Well my hole begs to dif(f)er!

Masturbation Monday is here... Get cracking (f)

If the rest of you dont look like this whilst freeselfshotgirlsing, then why are you even here?! (f)

Care to join in? (F)

A very Merry Clitmas to you all (f)

Unsolicited wet boobies (f)

Aaah fucket, ya only live once eh? My twat is on the internet!!! (37f)

What is it about Mondays and being insanely turned on?! (f)

Unsolicited nuuuuude! (37f)

Masturbatory Monday is upon us... Please pay your respects accordingly (f)

As its ever so quiet in here tonight and Ive had a drink or two... I (f)eel like I can show you guys something a little braver

I was a thin too busy yesterday, so masturbatory Tuesday it will have to be... (f)

Thats right!! You now have (f)lamingo knickers in your life

Pervs.... ? (F)

What do you guys wanna know? (F)eel free to ask anything, Im feeling kinda... Open

Unsolicited masturbatory antics pic (f)

Just another wet girl, naked on the internet... (F)

A tiny peak at my freeselfshotgirls browsing uniform (37f)

Unsolicited revealed pic! (f)

Are curves acceptable here, or do I need to be super skinny? (F)

I do sometimes wonder if many people have cum to my pictures... Itd be an interesting stat have (f)

I can absolutely guarantee you... Ladies do it too (37f)

Unsolicited revealed pic (f)

Im here for the same reason you are... (37f)

Some of the things I see should definitely be shared (37f)

To those of you edging their way through NNN, keep up the good work ? (f)

Soooo... Its no nut November, eh? And hows that going for ya? (37f)

Unsolicited tit pic! (f)

My midweek masturbatory habits are really taking over the evenings (37f)

My working-from-home uniform is getting a thin relaxed these days (37f)

Real life snippet of me whilst browsing freeselfshotgirls (f)

I mean... Women do it too, ya know ? (37f)

Unsolicited clit pic! (f)

Unsolicited full frontal nude! (f)

Unsolicited boob pic! (f)

Feels like a full frontal kinda Monday... (F)ancy joining in?

You walk in on your housemate doing exactly this... Whats your reaction? (F)

Its definitely a (f)laming panties kinda day

The weekend has begun... Let the masturbatorium be open to all (f)

Today - in summary (f)

Ive had a drink, this is a terrible idea... Internet... Heres my vagina! (f)

Boobs and nudity, anyone interested...? (F)

To ask my fellow exposed boobs, bums, penises and vaginas... Keep it up. Were all here to see you and to be seen. Just, excellent work, from everyone involved (f)

How far does a simple full frontal, from an older lady, get ya here? (37f)

Theres a surprising amount of people here for a Monday... Well heres a thin gift for you all (f) - Hint: its ma wet boobies

Sometimes ya have a good boob day and with much consideration... I decided it best to put that on the e(f)fin Internet!

Could I possibly interest you in a petite (f)ull frontal nudity to spice up the weekend?

If your actions and mine dont match up right now... then you really gotta question what youre even doing here?! (f)

When ya accidentally (f)lick on the porn whilst youre browsing freeselfshotgirls?

Absolutely not sure that this underwear is for me... Does it work for you guys? (F) open to all comments

Ive got an hour to myself... How are you going to keep me occupied? (F)

Its a special day at my house, today... So Im gunna start it by masturbating on the internet (f) yup... I know how to do life right

My freshly shaved sel(f) to help with your freeselfshotgirls needs

Im far too drunk for these kinds of antics, but fucket, eh?! Internet... Behold... My vagina! (f)

Quick! Whilst the Americans are asleep... Lets (f)ill this place with the rest of the world. Ill throw in my British Boobies

Good morning, (f)ellow undressed people

About 4500 people are about to see me revealed and that is more exciting to me than I first anticipated (f) Well, here I go:

To all the people here right now, its kinda exciting knowing how many of you are about to see me revealed (f)

Actual picture of me, whilst browsing (f)

To the 5000 other people here right now... Hey ? (f)

Brits like to get naked too, ya know (f)

What was your most embarrassing orgasm? (f)

If ya arent get undressed for strangers on the Internet, then why even come here at all?! (f)

Is there room here for lil old me? (f)

Real li(f)e picture of me whilst on freeselfshotgirls

Sorting by new.... Lucky you ? (F)

Tell me something youve done to get yourself off that absolutely know that you shouldnt have (f)

Eeep OK... Im a little nervous about this one, but here goes nuthin. I present to you internet lovlies... My twat (f)

Ill just pop this here (f)or you

Hi internet... How do you (f)eel about boobies around here?!

Hey there edgers. Hope this.... helps (f)

A good boob day always needs to be shared with strangers on the Internet (f)

I may have a few miles on me, but Im wondering if anyone fancies a thin peak under my hood? (37f)

Might a (37f) still rock the boat around here?

I have 30 minutes to kill... What would you guys recommend? (F)

You made a brave move... Coming here alone... Now, be rewarded (F)

I may post for attention and to feel wanted... But hey.. Arent we all here for a bit of that?! (f) anyhoo, I hope you enjoy a good day

I never realised before, how much these undies look like a CENDORED strip (F) I guess theyre doing the best they can to hide my modesty

For reference: I look like this when sunbathing (37f)

My advice... Never let a good boob day go to waste (37f)

Excessive amounts of penises here today... Anyone interested in a tiny boob action? (F)

Seems that 5 years ago me (32f) was a thin shy

Advice from someone a little older... Never let a good boob day go to waste (37f)

Happy Masturbatory Monday (F)

Yup! Those ARE flamingos on my undies. Thanks (f)or noticing

Good morning my fellow Edgers. Hope youre having (f)un

Well.. Shall we Saturday? (F)

Could I, maybe interest you in a peak under my hood? (F)

OK, here goes nothing. Apparently I cover up my vagina too much... Well! Lets bloody do this, shall we?! (f) I present to you lovely Internet folks, ma foof!

Having a good boob day, thought you might wanna share in that with me (F)

You walk past your roommates door, to find out slightly ajar. A quick peak inside reveals this exact scene, you havent been noticed. What do you do? (F)

You walk past a roommates door, see that its slightly ajar... Through the gap you catch a glimpse of this. What do you do next? (37f)

Men have it so easy... Pfft! Like "heres ma penis, time to rule the internet". Well heres my anti-penis post... I went with "did you want to see ma boobs?" (37f)

Do you see what I seeeeeeee? (37f)

Its a damn hot day, with zero breeze... Does anyone wanna suck on me? (37f)

Have you ever been caught masturbating? A roommate once walked in on me... She saw pretty much exactly this scene, which apparently was enough to inspire her to lay beside me and endulge herself too (37f)

Ma boobies! (37f)

England is prepping for football, the Americans for independence... Me though... Ill just be prepping my clit for an onslaught of orgasms (37f)

This will be my view for at least the next hour... I thought you might like to share it (37f)

Now... I know why Im here... But why are you?! (f)

Im kinda digging tributes at the moment... Anyone fancy hooking a woman up? (37f)

To my fellow Edgers... Good luck ? (37f)

I may not be 18 any more but could I still interest anyone in a peak under my hood (37f)

(37f) have I still got it?

I may have a few miles on me... But I swear, I run like a dream (37f) ideal for anyone that knows what theyre doing

Some people love sports, others love art... Well, I love being nude on the internet! And I reckon Im old enough to not be judged for the things I love (37f) you guys get it, right?

A thin PoV action for anyone thats still up (37f) (my apologies for the bush, here)

I always embrace a full frontal, even at my age (37f) theyre absolutely an underrated art form, wouldnt ya say?

What have you done to get yourself off that you absolutely should not have? ? (F)

Making the most of my alone time by sharing it with thousands of strangers (F)

I come here to cum here (F)

Is mound appreciation a thing here? If so, I think I might be in for a chance (F)

Seems that Saturdays here, are packed full of youthful stunners. Is there room for a 30-something, who just posts for the helluvit?! (30-something f) Also... Hey there gorgeous youths

Whats a thing youve done for sexual gratification, that you knew you really shouldnt have? (37f) Ill start...

Right... Its far too penisy on here today... Lets make some space for clits please? (37f)

For those of you who have been edging for 4 hours.... I hope this helps ? (37f)

Thats right my lovlies... There are indeed flamingos on my undies. Good catch (37f)

As I always say "a good boob day should always be shared with strangers on the Internet, so that they can masturbate to them" (37f) catchy, eh?

Keeping office meetings interesting has never been easier... Amirite?! (37f)

There are an insane amount of penises on here tonight... I thought you might enjoy a very freshly shaven break from them (37f)

Its not called Masturbation Monday for the hell of it... (37f)

Why oh why are there so many penises today. Here... Take a break... My boobies are here to help (37f)

Might you lovely youths have room for a masturbating, naked 30-something round these parts? (30-something f) ?

Bank Holiday Monday... More like wank holiday Monday... Hey? Hey? Amirite?!? (37f)

Yeah, yeah... I know what youre thinking. And youre absolutely right... Those ARE flamingos on my pants (37f)

Its very erect penisy on here today. Lets celebrate the ladies too eh? My contribution is a very rare picture of my actually erect nipples... Enjoy them, they really dont happen often (37f)

OK... Its a bit penisy in here tonight. I think I can help with that (37f)

Masturbation Monday is clearly becoming a habit at my house (37f)

For all those late night Americans that are 4 hours into an edging session... Heres a small something, which might change that ?? (37f)

I might not be 18 any more, but can I still interest anyone into a tiny peak under my hood? (37f)

How do you intend to spend your day? Ive got a couple of ideas for my own (37f)

Its very penisy here tonight... Doing my part to get that ratio back into boobieland. Guys, if you need to post your penis, at least make sure you include your inspiration in the pictures (36f)

Ahh fucket... Ya only live once, and Im just about drunk enough to make this make sense. I present to you lovely Internet strangers... my actual hole (36f)

Full frontal nudity is a little underrated, in my opinion (36f) whatcha reckon?

I mean... If were not all here to get nude and masturbate on the internet with strangers, then what are we even doing?! (36f)

I always wonder if someone I know has seen me, I mean the chances are quite high. For now though, just a while buncha Internet strangers can see me nude (36f)

When in doubt, rub one out... (36f)

Saturday mornings wouldnt be the same if I didnt masturbate on the internet (36f)

I am returned... And I bring you wet boobies (36f)

Any room here for some full frontal, post-30 nudity?! (36f)

Underwear has been removed... Shall we continue? (36f)

Doo, do, do, do, d-do *MASTURBATORY UPDATE* everything is going well (36f) though underwear is starting to be a hindrance

Sorting by new gets you access to all of my latest masturbatory antics... You guys get to see it as it happens (36f)

OK, nude me usually indicates that I mean business... Whats a girl gotta do on here for attention, these days? (36f)

You guys like boobies?!... Course ya do! Everyone love boobies. (36f)

Doo, doo, doo, doo-d-doo... *MASTURBATORY UPDATE* (36F)

Sorting by new gets you access to all the latest news about my masturbatory antics (36f) well, you get to see it as it happens, at least

Well hello, my Internet lovlies... Can I interest anyone in a little full frontal nudity tonight? (36f)

What can I interest you in, tonight? (36f)

Masturbation makes the world go round... Well, it makes my finger go round, at least (36f)

Full frontals are extremely underrated, in my opinion. Throwing my own into the mix, for consideration (36f)

Everyone ready to get Saturday started with an appropriate level of bang? (36f)

Anyone here like wet boobies?! Im just kidding... I know everyone likes wet boobies (36f) here are mine

I do wonder how many strangers are going to see my boobies today (36f)

Special request of me, right now, immediately post orgasm... I wonder if Ill be able to inspire anyone elses orgasms today (36f)

You guys seem to compliment my mound quite a bit. Apparently that kinda thing is some peoples bag... Who knew?! Well anyway, this should really finish you off in that case ? (36f)

A lot of my fellow corona posters seem to have moved on, whilst Im still laid here... Like I dont achieve much, but I feel damn good about it (36f)

Apparently you guys like my mound... Who knew that was a even a thing?! Well, this one should push your buttons, if that is indeed true (36f)

I always wonder what itd be like to recognise someone on here... I think Id love that (36f)

Im very much enjoying all you guys sharing your wives and girlfriends on here. Thank you (36f)

Your suggestions have been noted. Drunken me presents to you, her very edged pussy (as of right now) (36f)

What do you guys wanna see tonight? Im a bit drunk, a bit sexy and quite open to suggestion (36f)

OK, it doesnt happen too often... But here I am... Not masturbating (36f)

Are lady tributes a thing?! Cause if so, Id be very interested in receiving such an accolade (36f)

You lovely folks browsing by new on a Monday night make this whole thing worth it ? (36f)

Wondering if I could intrest you all in a ladys point of view? (36f)

Seems like its all guys here at the minute... Heres me, masturbating, to start to even those numbers out (F) us ladies gotta do our part to keep the internet a fair place

I have 30 mins left and my hand already in my undies... I need your help here (F) I want to cum

I love a persons best feature... The part of themselves that theyre the most proud of, its a lovely thing. Im quite a fan of my own boobs, especially in this picture. Whats your highlight? (F)

These are my favourite undies... They have flamingos on them as you can clearly see here. Thought you might enjoy them too (F)

Thought you might enjoy seeing what I see whilst Im freeselfshotgirlsing (F)

Ive noticed a lot more Aussies around here lately... So I did a petite dedication. I thought youd appreciate me going down-under (F)

By special request... A picture of me right now (F)

It seems that Ive developed a bit of a thing for peoples wives and girlfriends. Some of you guys are very lucky, those ladies are very sexy (F)

When in doubt... Rub one out. Thats what I always say ? (F)

Sorting by new, then luck you! As today is the day I woke up drunk enough to put my hole on the internet!! (f) I how this goes down well...

Im currently rocking a wicked hangover and need help distracting myself (36f)

Im absolutely still drunk, after maybe 1 hour of sleep... So I shall be mostly spending this time masturbating, whilst admiring what freeselfshotgirls has to offer me (36f)

So... As Saturday commands, I got good and drunk! And it is you lovely, sorting by new people that shall reap the rewards. I give to the internet, my very naked (recently fondled) pussy (36f) treat her well

I always thought full frontal nudity was hugely overrated... Let me know what you reckon (36f)

OK... Here goes nuthin... My full on twat is now on the internet! Eeeep (36f) what now?!

Very jealous of all the stunning youths here! But heres my (36f) very revealed self for you anyway

Well, ya know what they always say about Mondays... "best to cum 8 times on Mondays" (36f)... Its a classic

Ive gotta get up for work in 15 mins, and my clit certainly doesnt rub itself (36f) my inbox is open to inspiration

Step 1: wake up. Step 2: masturbate. Step 3: show the internet. (36f)

Can I interest anyone in a full frontal target tonight?! Im kinda bored and I do love me a tribute (36f)

Working from home has its perks... Desk boobies (36f)

Despite common belief... I absolutely have all 5 fingers (36f) just that one of them is busy

What does Tuesday even rhyme with?! Nudey Tuesday?! Its a push, but Im sticking with it (36f)

Getting rude... In the nude... (nearly) (36f)

Is there room for some 30-something boobies here (and the rest of a 30-somethings body)? (30-something-f)

Ive got a fat beautiful hangover today... I need some inspiration here (36f) consider my inbox a safe space for anything you think will help me out

Turns out that masturbating inspires line 80% of my pictures (36f) well, a ladys gotta do what a ladys gotta do, eh?

How do you guys feel about wet boobs?! Nah, Im kidding... I know you love em... Everyone lovea wet boobs (36f)

Do you guys tribute here? I think I might enjoy that (36f) ooo are lady tributes a thing?! I would REALLY enjoy one of those

Ahh fucket... Im a bit drunk and will probably regret this, but I present to you guys... My immediately post orgasm pussy (36f) be cool, Im nervous of this one

I hope all you sorting by new, have a lovely day (36f)

How do you guys (f)eel about a bit of full frontal?

Heading for shower... Give me something fun to come back to (36f)

Good night, ma lovlies (36f)

What is it we do here, on Tuesdays? (36f)

I hear you guys like it when a coed is wet? (36f)

I hear you guys like it when a girl is wet? (36f)

I hear you guys like it when a young is wet? (36f)

How do you guys feel about bush? (30ish f) I may have had a slightly hairier past

How do you guys feel about bush? (30ish f) I may have had a slightly hairier past

How do you guys feel about bush? (30ish f) I may have had a slightly hairier past

Trying something out... Opinions? (36f)

Trying something out... Opinions? (36f)

Trying something out... Opinions? (36f)

Well, this is me... undressed (36f)

Well, this is me... revealed (36f)

Well, this is me... revealed (36f)

How do guys like wet boobies?! Ahh... I know everyone loves them (36f) heres some wet boobies

How do guys like wet boobies?! Ahh... I know everyone loves them (36f) heres some wet boobies

How do guys like wet boobies?! Ahh... I know everyone loves them (36f) heres some wet boobies

Pulled this one out of the archives for ya... (30ish f) how do you like it?

Pulled this one out of the archives for ya... (30ish f) how do you like it?

Pulled this one out of the archives for ya... (30ish f) how do you like it?

You asked... So... I present to you my very wet, immediately post-orgasm hole (36f)

You asked... So... I present to you my very wet, immediately post-orgasm twat (36f)

You asked... So... I present to you my very wet, immediately post-orgasm vagina (36f)

WARNING: orgasm imminent (36f)

WARNING: orgasm imminent (36f)

WARNING: orgasm imminent (36f)

Its absolutely a masturbation kinda day... Dont you agree? (36f)

Is 36 classed as over the hill? (F)

God... Didnt realise how much I missed this attention. What else have you lovely people got for me? (36f)

Its been a tiny while, missed you guys... Anyone up for welcoming me back with my very own tribute? (36f)

I just had a dream about a teen who stripped off in my living room and masturbated for me... I felt the need to recreate it for you whilst I deal with the effects of it (36f)

I hope all you sorting by new, have a lovely day (36f)

I hope all you sorting by new, have a lovely day (36f)

Good morning orgasm (f)ans. Hows the view from down there?

Good morning orgasm (f)ans. Hows the view from down there?

How are you spending your Saturday? (36f)

How are you spending your Saturday? (36f)

Funderwear Friday (36f)

Funderwear Friday (36f)

So... We doing this? (36f)

So... We doing this? (36f)

I know you zoomed in ? (36f)

I know you zoomed in ? (36f)

OK... What now? (36f)

OK... What now? (36f)

So you wanted to see what Im always playing with (36f)

So you wanted to see what Im always playing with (36f)

(F)eelin a tiny down today... Dressing in blue seems appropriate

(F)eelin a tiny down today... Dressing in blue seems appropriate

I must be especially horny, for today only Ill be accepting tributes. Pick your (favourite) picture and lemme see you enjoying it

I must be especially horny, for today only Ill be accepting tributes. Pick your (favourite) picture and lemme see you enjoying it

So... Are we doing this then? (36f)

So... Are we doing this then? (36f)

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