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(f) just wanted to share

Getting (f)urniture delivered, hope the delivery guys approve of my outfit choice

Super blurry photo, hope you dont mind (f)

I love what the covid weight has done to my breasts (f)

Walking around in crotchless lingerie all day, wish someone was here to take advantage (f)

Just laying here (f)

(f)irst time using the clamps since getting pierced, forgot how wet it made me ?

Because I know youre looking (f)

(f)or when your ready

I wish I had someone here to play with me, 3 more weeks of ISO... (f)

Come (f)ill me please

Simple revealed (f)

Having phone issues, so wanted to post a POV of what I want to do in the shower, (f)or you to look at in the meantime ?

How I would wait (f)or you

Testing out how the cold tiles (f)eel

Going shopping without a bra... Hope everyone can see my piercings (f)

I always (f)antasise about using my mouth in the shower

At work, but wishing I was in this position (f)or you

I wish there was someone else in here (f)

freeselfshotgirls has definitely opened me up to try new things ? (f)

Hope you like my photo (f)

Hope no one minds the extra post (f)

Piercings, converse and the plug can you see it ? (f)

Piercings, converse and the plug can you see it ? (f)

(f) ound this photo on my phone.. Wanted to share ? while I take more..

I usually wear more clothes (f)

Another photo (f)rom yesterday, just enjoying showing of my new piercings ?

(f)reshly pierced, I hope you like them

(F)reshly pierced, hope you like them

Waiting (f)

Wish I was about to sit on your (f)ace

Home from work, clothes off and walking around in nothing but my clamps (f)

Weekend (f)un

Practicing for a(f)ter iso

Practicing for a(f)ter iso

Be(f)ore I hop in the shower

Be(f)ore I hop in the shower

Need to clean my mirror (f)

Need to clean my mirror (f)

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