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I wish I could stay in bed all day (F)

Freshly smooth (F)

Lips that grip (F)

It is too beauty for clothes (F)

Your view when you wake up in the morning (F)

Post shower photo (F)

Can I sit in your lap? (F)

Mind if I borrow your sweatshirt? (F)

I (F) just had surgery recently. I’d love to just lay back and be taken care of. A soft tongue perhaps?

This pajama top has buttons for easy access (F)

Make them bounce (F)

Good morning (F)

So soft from my shower (F)

Let’s get our bodies tangled around each other (F)

Thinking of ways to celebrate the end of semester at college (F)

Let’s stay in bed all day (F)

Good morning (F)

How long would you last? ? (F)

I need to feel a soft tongue on me (F)

It’s cuddle time (F)

Purple is my favorite color (F)

Trying to be artistic with this one (F)

Fresh out of the shower (F)

I was cold so I had to stay covered up (F)

Time to climb into bed (F)

I want to feel someone’s mouth and tongue on me (F)

It has been a while since I posted a full body view (F)

Just a quick selfie before bed (F)

With a bed this warm, I am never getting out (F)

This new body wash makes my skin so soft (F)

I need someone to crawl under this blanket and put their head between my legs (F)

Fresh out of the shower (F)

Sleeping in fresh sheets just out of the washing machine feels so amazing (F)

I have bundle up today. It is cold here (F)

I’m just going to lay in bed for a while (F)

Feeling shy about this one (F)

Hi! I (F) hope you have a good New Year!

Bathroom mirror selfie (F)

Post shower photo (F)

Getting ready for bed (F)

It is very cold here this morning (F)

I woke up wishing I could feel a soft tongue between my legs (F)

This new lingerie is so soft (F)

(F) let’s cuddle

(F) it has been awhile 😉

It feels great to cum before you can go to sleep (F)

Do my hips look like they would be nice to hold onto while you make me cum with your tongue? (F)

I love the mornings where I can sleep in and take a shower (F)

Good morning ??? (F)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend (F)

It is warm in my room today (F)

That shower was so relaxing (F)

I would rather stay in bed today (F)

It is really cold here this morning (F)

Do you like how my panties match my nightgown? (F)

Morning (F)

It is (F)inally sweater weather

It is (F)inally the weekend

Let’s cuddle. I will be the thin spoon (F)

This robe is so little you can almost see through it (F)

First time posting a full body close up. Be gentle. (F)

First time posting a full body close up. Be gentle. (F)

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