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How do we (f)eel about thick, tattooed thighs?

Teach me how to make you (F)eel awesome

Getting a new tattoo soon, so more bad edits to come! (F)

Im a hand(f)ull

I want get these pierced soon, which would put me at 10 piercings ? (F)

(F)ound a friendly sun bean today

Press me against the wall (F)

(F)eeling relaxed

Waiting and wanting (F)

Tell me all about it (F)

Anyone like this close-up of our cake day fun? (MF)

Sometimes I (f)eel like he cant keep his hands off me. Good thing I love it.

Some of my cake day (F)un

Horny as hell, got a helping hand? (F)

(f)"brats get beat"

Slow morning thinking o(f) you.

The lights (f)rom my snowy window looked great today

Some of my (F)avorite socks. Whats your opinion?

I dont wanna do stuf(f) today, I just wanna lay around and play.

(f)or (m)e?

cant get enough (F)

Craving you (F)

? (F)lora and fauna

When b(f) gets home, Ill be ready

Yall make me drip (f)

(F)uzzy socks ?

"Please" (F)

Good (F)ucking (M)orning to you ? Join us?

I (f)antasize about telling people I post here

Ive gained a (f)ew pounds since last posting on here. I hope you all dont mind ?

Get a hand (f)ull of this hair

Get a hand (f)ull of this hair

Get a hand (f)ull of this hair

(F)rom a bit ago

(F)rom a bit ago

(F)rom a bit ago

An interesting tit (or 2)(F)

An interesting tit (or 2)(F)

An interesting tit (or 2)(F)

(F)eeling fruity and frisky

Fold me in a pretzel, just to see if you can (28F)

Fold me in a pretzel, just to see if you can (28F)

Happy cake day to (M)y beauti(f)ul girlfriend Ruby! Exploring our fucking life has changed me in ways that I would have never imagined, and sharing it with you all has been a blast!

(F)ucked so hard I passed out and just woke up 2 hours late for work. Guess its back to bed, should I wake hi(m) up ?

Welcome home! Time to blow of(f) steam from Monday

I hope titles arent the only thing I (f)ind hard

Nudes make me smile (F)

The love we get from here is amazing! Last post earned our first award, and Im on my lunch break dripping thinking about it... Heres a shot from my collection, and new shots coming asap! (FM)

Wanting to call off work, such is 3rd shi(f)t life

Home alone nearly all day. Any thoughts on how I can entertain mysel(f)?

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