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(F) The dress code is “sexy muppet”

(f) personal theory: people who had a Bop It! at some point in their youth are better at fucking

(f) have you ever actually drilled around and found out?

(f)lash + tell me something that most people don’t know about you

(F) don’t you just want to give me a thin squeeze?

(f) can you believe I’m shy?

Behold, the (f)airest titties of them all

(f) do you think you could survive longer in the open ocean or the middle of the desert? Also…boobs ?

(f) just a small bit further…almost there…

(f) I need longer arms

(f) a little tummy never hurt nobody

(f) I heard they’re closing down Hooters because Millennials aren’t into boobs. Speak for yourselves.

What if I want to be bossy? (f)

(f) in a constant struggle between wearing lingerie and going braless

(f) is there a cute way to flash your booty in jeans?

(f) I haven’t picked a Halloween costume yet…what should I wear?

(f) I’m a good woman but my dreams are sex filthy.

Not to be a total bummer, but what song makes you cry? (f)

(F) this pepto bismol bathroom is fucking freezing.

(f) you get to watch one video before you die- what camera are you going to watch?

(f)Easy access vacation titties

(f) Cargo pants are hot, I don’t care what you say. Am I going to blow you? Am I going to paint your living room? Nobody knows.

(F) If you could see anyone in concert, living or dead, who would you see?

(f) I just want to get some

(f) you’ve never felt true frustration until your vibrator dies mid session

(f) bar bathroom titties on vacation

(f) By popular request…my butt

(f) do you have a kink for fat smiles and average titties? Then I am the gal for you!

(f) You wanna ride the wave?

(f) just popping in to say howdy 🙂

(f) tell me about your sexual awakening - mine was to a George Michael music movie

(f) You can’t tell me you don’t want to motorboat them

(F) what is the weirdest place you’ve visited?

(f) I’ll make your eyes cross

(f) What’s your most random, obscure fantasy? Pinky promise I won’t tell a soul.

(f) New year; Same bar bathroom titties. (Also I dyed my hair)

(F) It’s a bit chilly in here, hope no one notices

(f) which part is your favorite?

(f) I got a new toy…is it too early for Easter?

(f) Watching Succession, my birthday is tomorrow, my hips are wide and life is good

(f) are you seeing double?

(f) Just know that, somewhere, in a women’s bathroom…I’m taking pics of my booty

(f) going through old pics and I gotta say….I’d fuck me for sure

(f) You’re stranded on a desert island. You can take one potato-based food, one bread-based food, and one dip. What do you bring?

(f) Unpopular (and completely unrelated) opinion: I fucking love that cranberry sauce that comes out shaped like the can.

Don’t (f)reak out, but I’m not NOT in a bathroom for once

(f) this was the men’s bathroom ???

(f) have you ever thought about how you’ve probably seen way more boobs than your grandpa saw in his entire life?

(f) would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Also, here’s my butt in a bar

(f) another bar, another round of bathroom boobs. But what is your favorite book?

(f)ucked up my last post, let’s try again. What did I take off?

(f)irst, this place needs windex. Second…do you see what I took off?

(f)un fact: I love spicy romance novels

(f) what color is your aura?

Mirror mirror on the…(f)loor

Tit for tat (f)

Hypnotic (f)

(f) what are you gonna do

(f) Suspenders are honestly so hot

(f) I wear my heart on my…

(f) Palomas and tacos ??

(f) underwear? Overrated.

(f)lorals for fall? Groundbreaking.

Never met a bar bathroom I didn’t like (f)

Well that massless (f)un was short lived

(f)armer’s tan

(F) Naked from the neck up

(F) long time no see

You have to admit...It’s tantalizing (F)

You have to admit...It’s tantalizing (F)

You have to admit...It’s tantalizing (F)

Low quality pic? Yes. Squishy titties? Yes. (F)

Low quality pic? Yes. Squishy titties? Yes. (F)

Low quality pic? Yes. Squishy titties? Yes. (F)

(F) it’s sweater weather but I run sexy

(F) it’s sweater weather but I run sexy

(F) it’s sweater weather but I run sexy

(F) Pizza and wine and Bridgerton and breasts

Dirty mirror. Dirty girl. (F25)

(F) Wash your hands. Then get to work.

Public bathroom shenanigans (F25)

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