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Merry Christmas all! Been too long <3 (f)

Hey everyone! Just moved out my uni house to find out I need to isolate? It’s been interesting? (f)

2nd year at uni is finally over?? what a stressful year oh my god (f)

She needs a LOT of attention, would you give it to her?? (f)

Well behaved women dont make history (f)

Do you ever just want someone to spank you so hard you bruise and call you a dirty little slut? Me too... (f)

Anyone else feel like their posts get drowned out by cock pics on here???? (f) pale as fuckkkk

The practice it takes to know how to position your hair so your face isnt in a picture is brutal (f) 21

Growing my triangle back, thought Id show you all the progress ? (f21)

Before the chop? Goodnight beautiful freeselfshotgirlsors ✨ (f)

Body is definitely coming along since Ive started working out again? (f21)

Exams are officially over ?? and my last one went great, thanks everyone <3 (f)

Good morning! Just about to go into my last (4 hour) exam of this uni year! Cant wait for it to be over 😀 (f)

Today I discovered something about myself that I have never thought about before & now my life makes so much more sense (f)

Throwback to pretty nails. Im sorry to say theyre no longer with us ? (f)

Enjoy the view ? (f)

One leg up (f)

Missing my triangle ? it was so pretty but damn, its hard to maintain... And lately Ive been feeling lazy (f)

No clue whats going on with my leg on the right hand side? but ✨ silky shaved ✨ (f)

Sooo I got a haircut ??‍♀️ (f)

Feeling fresh as a daisy☺️ (f)

Got my serious face on (f)

Its Friyayyyy? Im happy about it (f)

Thong song vibes ? So passionate about booties and I love it hahah (f)

Started working out again, only to see my tits get smaller ? (f)

Little more reserved today, just felt cute ? (f)

Couldnt give a bang about the back rolls because Im showing off my assets ☺️ (f)

Do you like doggy? I know I do, its a lot of fun & means I can be spanked whilst getting (f)ucked

Fuck me up against this door? (f21)

My hair is actually straight but sometimes it goes wavy for no reason and Im not complaining <3 (f)

All tied up ? (f)

Back at home for a couple weeks, so the boujee bathroom stays ? (f)

I loveee getting plowed like this. Add some choking and Im in heaven? (f)

Rope? (f)

Kind of loving this angle. (f)

Something a thin different (f)

Peekaboo ? (f)

Little bit of labia (f)

Love my V ☺️ has another laser hair removal this weekend! Only took 8 months ? (f)

I heard people round here like lace?? (f)

I love the triangle cut out, something to grab on to?? (f)

Back again, in my aubergine lace knickers? (f)

Sliding off my lingerie ? Not that you can see much of it... (f)

I think I need some more harnesses... (f)

I wonder if anyone is getting sick of this pose hehehe (f)

Happy Saturday wonderful people✨ (f)

Not sure why I look so tanned in these photos, Im actually so white that Im basically transparent (f)

Might have to tilt your phone to fully experience this photo... Let me know how you get on. (f)

I could do with a red handprint on my butt cheek. Spank me? (f)

The only thing that would make this picture better is a red handprint on one of my cheeks (f)

Cheeky... pardon the pun 😉 (f)

Good evening freeselfshotgirls, how are you all today? (f)

Enjoy my perky tiny boobs, and goodnight guys! (f)

Enjoy this full frontal (f21)

Nudity is a form of art (f21)

✨Addicted to being on display✨ (f21)

Shes shy☺️ (f)

The unveiling. Hope its what you expected and more... (f)

I cant stop staring at the piece of (f)loof on the sole of my foo hahah

I need a drink, preferably a dry white wine. Anyone else (f)eeling thirsty for an alcoholic beverage?

Something a tiny more (f)riskyyy

I see you baby, shaking that a$$ (f)

Anyone else remember entering 8008135 into their calculator at school? (f)

Last post of the day, bringing my first day back to a close, its been so much (f)un, thanks for the love guys and gals <3

What I look like when riding... your POV style (f)

Its been a fun (f)irst day <3

My best attire, wouldnt you agree? (f21)

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