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Fun fact: if you blow on them, they leak. ? (F)

38 weeks. Round round ROUND all over and still very much enjoying it. ? (F)

37 weeks down, just a handful more to go! ? (F)

Juuuust about as huge as I can get at 34 weeks. Going strong! (F)

Seven-ish weeks to go. ? (F)

Are you wondering what this looks like from the back? (F)

Quality time with my wand and nipples. ? (F)

Paused for a quick pose while getting dressed at the gym. (F)

Spent some quality time with myself this evening. ? (F)

Aaaallll the curves on display. (F)

The further along I get, the darker these areolas become. (F)

Come join my very cozy morning. ? (F)

Taking bets on when this bellybutton turns into an outie. (F)

Love my bump in the shadow on the wall. (F)

I love appreciating every small change through pictures. (F)

Post shower and stretching the long day out of my hips while carrying all this extra goodness. (F)

Five months round, feeling pretty great but definitely worn out by the end of the night. Anyone like giving leg massages? (F)

Four months and feeling great. I fucking love the petite extra everywhere that pregnancy brings. (F)

Highly spankable, if you ask me. (F)

Scootch closer and pop one in your mouth. ? (F)

Come grab a handful! (F)

Your head would fit perfect here on my lap. (F)

One tired momma, but a beauty shower always makes me feel better. (F)

A midday shower is the perfect place to get frisky. (F)

Sometimes you just gotta give the girls a little hug to get everyone in the selfie. ?? (F)

Cooking breakfast is a casual affair. ? (F)

Sometimes you just need some side boob and some booty. (F)

Its a good night to come fill me up. ? (F)

I think Id call my butt a "rump". Its less than an rear but more than a pancake. Its a rump. And I like it. (F)

Any chance youd suck on these to help me relax tonight? (F)

Wanna climb in bed with me? (F)

Shes so needy. (F)

Its a pleasant handful. (F)

Soon after this picture was taken Mr. TNRG was deep inside me and gripping my hips. (F/M)

Somehow, when we spoon naked, his fingers always end up between my legs. (F)

I feel like saying "Ta-daaa!" is the most appropriate way to present this position to a partner. (F)

I had the hardest time choosing between two photos, one with more boob and the other with more ass. Ass won out tonight. ? (F)

Step right up. ? (F)

Lets get cozy in bed in our birthday suits. ? (F)

This is your open invitation to come cuddle. ?(F)

Udderly sudsy. See what I did there? ? (F)

Im soft aaaalll over. Wanna feel? (F)

Had a busy day, so tonight calls for a sit in the tub. ? (F)

Whatever might my fingers be up to? (F)

Come a small closer. (F)

This photo is from two years ago but it reminds me that I really need to find these shorts again. (F)

Having fun scrolling down the memory lane of photos from years past. Another favorite! (F)

Flashback Friday to one of my favorite original posts when I first started being a dirty bird online (F)

Someone once described them as "gumdrop nipples" and I love that. (F)

We should probably be kissing...(F)

Panties and slippers and stretches, oh my! (F)

100% guaranteed delightful to squish. (F)

Sometimes I cant choose. Double trouble it is! Now this makes me think how fun it would be if there really was another slut in the shower here....? (F)

It sure would be nice to feel your hands on me right now (f)

Taking some test shots as I get ready to film something exciting....??? (F)

Round and perky and touchable all over. ? (F)

Braless baking all night for Thanksgiving tomorrow. (F)

I just woke up and stretched next to you, now what? (F)

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best choice. (F)

Shower tush! (F)

Very early morning light on the girls. (F)

Its a very casual titty Tuesday over here as I prep to pump. Righty says hello! (F)

Im in a baby makin mood. (F)

Bedtime for me and the girls. Goodnight, freeselfshotgirls. ? (F)

Its all sooo soft, wish you could feel it. ? (F)

Patiently waiting for you. (F)

You cant see it, but my eyes almost exactly match this towel. Not that youd be paying attention to that... (F)

Sexy lights = Sexier time, in my opinion. (F)

Why, yes, I DO have a freckle down there. (F)

What other shenanigans will I get up to this evening? (F)

Theres something very erotic about laying in bed butt nude with no one around. (F)

Sorry to interrupt your scrolling...Is now a good time? (F)

Oh gosh, I seem to have dropped something. (F)

A tiny lunchtime coffee pick-me-up aaaaand boobies. (F)

Oof, these girls are heavy. (F)

Ready when you are. ? (F)

Heres the thing, friends: If she has velvet curtains in the bedroom, shes kinky. (F)

Hmm, now what? (F)

Its entirely too early to be awake, would you help me fall back asleep or help me wake up? (F)

Come call it an early night with me...but this isnt a slumber party. ? (F)

That side boob, though. (F)

First round was fun. Whos got seconds? (F)

Oh, how they dangle. (F)

Heres your spot, now where are you? (F)

Lets get up to no good right here on the living room carpet. ? (F)

Big nipples, monster areolas, just delightfully huge boobs. (F)

Mr.ThatNakedfreeselfshotgirlsGirl and I got a tiny rough and tumble this evening. There are promises of more where that came from. (F)

I have a few ideas about how to best take advantage of this position. (F)

What am I supposed to do with all this boob?! (F)

Its the erotic shadow for me. (F)

Its missing a handprint, in my opinion. (F)

The lighting made me do it. (F)

Just woke up. What should we do about that? (F)

Sometimes I just like how they look and gotta commemorate the moment, you know? (F) Goodnight, freeselfshotgirls! ?

Any takers for kneeling between my legs this morning? (F)

Happy (F)riday, freeselfshotgirls. ?

Lets get cozy! Come scootch up behind me. ?(f)

Wanna interrupt my nap? (F)

Why yes, they *are* as heavy as they look. (F)

Just a happy kinda evening. (F)

Your POV right before I climb on top. ? (F)

Oh, what a beauti(f)ul morning.

Mr. ThatNakedfreeselfshotgirlsGirl skipped lunch to make a mess on me instead. (F)

They wanted to say good morning ? (f)

(F)ound myself in a bit of a pickle.

Peek-a-boob! (F)

Post shower posing ? (f)

Posing shower posing ? (f)

Getting com(f)ortable, join me?

(F) Its not often Im gutsy enough to give her a close-up.

Soft and (f)riendly and oh-so touchable. Wait. Did I just describe a puppy? Damnit.

(f) Which side should we start on? (Album)

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