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Is this how you want me every morning? ?? (f)

Do you like that I wake up craving you? ? (f)

This tight squeeze ?(f)

Clit swelling…wetter by the second….tell me what you’d do to me ? (f)

Greatest need….? (f)

Lick or slip? ? (f)

How to start? ?? (f)

Ready for another round? ? (f)

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? ? (f)

It’s a tight squeeze, and my clit is already starting to swell at the thought of…..? (f)

I really do wake up this needy every morning ?? (f)

You’ve got me on my back, now what? ? (f)

A thin mess ? (f)

What’s missing? ? (f)

See how I need you? ? (f)

Warm, wet, and wanting….? (f)

Don’t you want to feel this around you? ? (f)

There’s only one thing I want right now, cum you guess what it is? ? (f)

Can’t sleep ? (f)

Which will it be? ? (f)

Do I look inviting enough? ?? (f)

Vibing and squeezing….if only I had more hands ?? (f)

Still so slick and ready ?? (f)

So slick and ready ? (f)

Which first? ? (f)

Need a bit of cream for your coffee? ?? (f)

Wet and ready for a morning stretch ? (f)

Sweet nectar ?? (f)

See what you’ve done to me? ? (f)

How would you have me, with my legs up over your shoulders? (f)

I couldn’t wait for you to slip in, so I had to improvise ? (f)

Waking up wet, swollen and needy again. But I’d rather wake up with you inside of me ? (f)

I’m slick and aching for you, would you slip inside? ? (f)

Have you been waiting for me? Because I’ve been waiting for you all day ? (f)

I wish I had a real, throbbing riding buddy instead this morning ? (f)

If your fingers get drenched, I promise to suck them clean ??? (f)

The anticipation might kill me ? (f)

Question for you ? (f)

Should I clean up? Or stay nice and juicy for you? ? (f)

I can’t wait ? (f)

You make me crave ? (f)

Taking the mountain (f)

Impatient ? (f)

I’ll be aching all day for you ? (f)

Morning needs ? (f)

Late night cravings ? (f)

Craving you ? (f)

I had to try again ? (f)

Cum for me ? (f)

Nice and wet for you ? (f)

Dare me? ? (f)

So hard, so tight ? (F)

I woke up wet and ready for you (F)

Will you fit? ? (F)

This would be better if it was your tongue ? (f)

Should I stretch myself, or save my tight twat for you? (f)

What would you do to this unused pussy? (F)

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