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betcha missed this more than my breasts ?(f)

hello loves ❤️ (f)

Lazy days are the best days. Should I have some wine? (f)

Give me a spank? (f)

Hello Sweetie (f)

I need something. Can you (f)igure what that might be?

Did you have good dreams? ?(f)

Foggy overcast morning light is my (f)avorite

These need an extra set o(f) hands STAT

This is my (f)avorite way to wake up. Pinches??

Its too beautiful (f)or clothes tonight ?

Hope your week goes well ?(f)

Good evening to you late night (f)olks ? (ps sorry ive been gone)

A small birdie told me the booty is missed (f)

I wonder how I should spend my Sunday (f)

(f)eeling some kind of way

since most o(f) you think I had at least one more specific item to "wash"

I have to put on pants and go get the laundry in a (f)ew but I dont want too ?

good morning loves ?(f)

Just been used and (f)ucked senseless ?

Cum and cuddle? (f)

Hope your day was less chaotic than mine... time to relax (f) ?

come mark up this canvas? (f)

while Im waiting (f)or a moisture mask to finish its thing why not take a nudie??

(f)riday night bong rips and breasts ?

we were (f)ucked and we were fucked good ?

I woke up at 4.. so heres some breasts at 6 ? (f)

Hope you dont mind the lobster red bum ? (f)

Was a very beauty shower ?(f)

(F)riday morning tease ?

Whats your (f)avorite place to be naughty in? I think we know mine ?

For hump day, a side view o(f) my humps ? signed by my cat lol

*insert title of your choice* ?(f)

Little chilly but the titties just need some (f)reedom ?

What are your best 420 snacks? Mine are various cakes o(f) the hostess family and lays salt and vinegar chips.

Been a good little minute and Im sorry (f)or that, forgive me? ?

Waking?, baking?‍?️, and playing? (f)

I just get so sticky a(f)ter intercourse ?

Im just so sticky a(f)ter intercourse ?

Now why does Javascript have to be such a headache? ?‍?(f)

Its a lay down in the shower and procrastinate studying kind of day...?(f)

Its a lay down in the shower and procrastinate studying kind of day...?(f)

Posting live (f)rom the shower ?

Cleaning suckssssss ? cant I just show my breasts of(f) to you 24/7 instead?

Wanna put your head between my thighs? (f)

Ti-tas and a view (f)

Sticky sticky sticky ? (f)

Out(f)it of the day ?

Should I also have wine? (f)

Good a(f)ternoon guys and gals ?

New Years day is best spent in bed, no? (f)

Did you miss these tits? (f)

Drunk so titty pic while I put stuff away at my guys familys home. Hope your Saturday is (f)un ???

My boobs are sore and swol today, they need a massage, any volunteers? (f)

So, heres me with a 15in ruler... just how deep will you go?? (f)

(F)or those that wanted to see the shorts around my ankles ??

(F)ace down ass up thats the way we like to bang

Its getting hot in here, so take of(f) all your clothes ??

Hows your Saturday morning thus (f)ar?

What are you getting up to this (f)riday?

Good morning lovelies ?, wanna come to do those wake up wiggle stretches in bed with me? (f)

Birds do it, bees do it. God, a (f)eeling even he do it. I dont believe weve met before, wont you please do it with me ?

Showers are just too (f)un

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics (f)

Stoned and (f)eeling it...


Weedles and cream? Yes? No? Maybe so? ?(f)

Weedles and cream anyone? (F)

That a(f)ter yoga glow

(F)or those that care... I really did go to yoga in this top and here are the sweatstains to prove it??

How Ill be going to yoga today (f) ?

Some people need a small challenge to their (f)antasies at home.

Whos your (f)avorite pokemon?

A sneaky boobie pic while I heat up garlic bread (f)or everyones dinner.

Still hate bras, but this one is okay I guess ?‍♀️(f)

Okay I lied ? I got high and took a shower (f)

Nope this petite harlet is never gonna leave her bed (f)

Come be lazy with me (f)

Why yes, it is a good morning ? (f)

Woke up much to early (f)or a weekend... so BOOBIES!!!

(F)or 420 I thought Id let you see squishy resting on my squishies ?

The view when we cuddle (f)uck

I really hate getting out o(f) bed.

How you have a wonder(f)ul Thursday loves

Getting high just means beauty picture time (f)or me now since discovering this sub. I used to just chill, maybe suck some Os... but now its like my vagina just WANTS to be looked at while I smoke??

Lets get high on this glorious Tuesday o(f) Titties

Come be my monster spoon while my cat judges us (f)or not giving him our full attention?

What you see when I crawl on top (f)or morning sex... and the closest thing to a selfie you guys will ever get

This is getting out of hand. Now there are two o(f) them!

This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them! (f)

All I intend to wear today (f) Hope this helps your Monday blues

My showers just cant get more (f)un.. or can they? ?

Take me now and (f)uck me hard? ?

Take me now and (f)uck me hard? ?

Time (f)or play ?

This was really hard to balance (f)

Being high = play with tits time (f)

I will always go down on my knees in the tub (f)or you ?

Tits and tongue with the (f)ront door wide open ? Whos ready for the good food today?

Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals!! Hope you get to eat whatever you want to your hearts content? (f)

Promise youll give her what she wants? (F)

Hope youre having a good morning ? (f)

Sorry for deleting the last post, might repost later, heres some titties and a smile to make up (f)or it

Please come put your cock in it (f)

Just had such a good (f)inish, had to share the mess with you ?

Quick titty pics at a party, just won in beer pong too (f)

Shes just a little sticky right now ? (f)

Good morning my stoner loves, have I mentioned I wear glasses? ?? May your Saturday be (f)ull of clouds.

Just a small (f)lash, taken with flash lol. Any underboob fans?

And the neighbors are in their yard ?(f)

Grab my butt like this and then make it beet red please ? (f)

What would you do i(f) you came home and found me like this?

Am I breedable? (f)

Sometimes a slut just needs to be plugged (f)

Waking and baking in the shower again (f) seriously missing out if youve never tried it

Have you ever had a shower wake and bake? (f)

I just love getting high and pulling my panties to the side (f)or you guys

A clean bong and some titties (f)or you ?

And now (f)or a sneaky picture of a freshly plowed hole ??

Is it to early (f)or a nude?

When youre stoned so logically you take sneaky titty pics ?(f)

So mirror pics like this are desirable? (f28)

Does my butt look too large like this or just right? (f)

Shower wake and bake? (F)uck yes.

I think wake and bakes are best done from the shower, what do you think? (f)

All nice and clean shaven (f)or you ?

A quick break from chores. But its so ?. Hope you stoners appreciate the e(f)fort for this underboob shot ??

Your view when you decide to dive in ? (f)

What would you do if you woke up next to this? (f)

Squats really do work ??(f)

Think you could (f)ocus if you saw me at the gym?

Think you could (f)ocus if you saw me at the gym?

The bresteses and I are just really feeling it today ? (f)

I wish it was your schlong instead (f)

Maybe Mondays dont have to blow cause maybe we can (f)uck?

Tits and weed, tits breasts and weed, weed and tits, weed weed and boobs ?. (F)uck Mondays am I right?

People asked (f)or boobies and lips. Ask and you shall receive 99% of the time ?

People asked (f)or boobies and lips. Ask and you shall receive 99% of the time ?

Weed and pussy. What could be better? (f)

Can someone pleeease come play with my breasts and nips? (f)

Good morning!! (f28)

So you wanted more booty? (f)

Which pussy pic do you like most 1,2, or 3? (F)

Which hole pic do you like most 1,2, or 3? (F)

Which hole pic do you like most 1,2, or 3? (F)

Its good to be back!! Heres a hoodie on/of(f) to start ?

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