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I’ve this creeping suspicion that things here are not as they seem. Reassure me Oh, Why do I feel as if I’m in too deep? Now, I’ve been praying (F)or some way to show them I’m not what they see…Yes I have done wrong But what I did I thought needed be done I swear

Interesting process/outcome my (f)irst batch canna butter. Total time investment 7 hours

Even (f)low, thoughts arrive like butterflies…..Oh, he don’t know, so he chases them away… Oh, someday yet he’ll begin his life again

So, you take the left, I’ll take the right Under arrest, we’re under (f)ire, yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh I don’t wanna go to Heaven if I can’t get in

(F)reshly packed king palm; it’s a salad…lil bit of everything should make for an interesting high

You pull out the Polaroid and I’ll strike a couple ṗoses…….Oh let’s get a thin wild…….Bring me weed instead o(f) roses

‘Cause though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies sa(f)e to shore

Turn the quiet up, turn the noise down Let this ol’ world just spin around….I wanna (f)eel it swing, wanna feel it sway….And put some feel good in my soul drink a thin drink, smoke a tiny smoke

In the backyard since last summer almost nothing left.Just some pieces o(f) the roots that once dug in

I’ve never looked for trouble….But I’ve never ran, I don’t take no orders from no kind of man. I’m only made out of (f)lesh, blood and bone…..But if you’re gonna start a rumble, don’t you try it on alone

Let us burn one from end to end and pass it over to me my (f)riend burn it long, we’ll burn it slow to light me up before I go

Gotta (f)ull pack of prerolls as a gift…small but mighty hybrid

It’s the terror of knowing: What this world is about, watching some good (f)riends screaming “Let me out!”

Thank(f)ul this weekend for my GSC kingpalm

Hot bath n an ice bong of (F)ire OG ultimate relaxation

There ain’t no chain strong enough to hold me….Ain’t no breeze huge enough to slow me….I’ll be there i(f) you ever want me by your side

My (f)avorite piece hitting smooth on humpday!!!

It’s steak n blowjob day…sad (f)or me no one to celebrate with…..

What I really wanna know, ah baby. What I really wanna say I can’t de(f)ine, got love make it go. My soul will have to...

He smiled, so I got up and asked (f)or his name “That don’t matter”, he said, “’cause it’s all the same” I said, “Can I take you home where we can be alone?” And next we were movin’ on

Everybody’s out on the run tonight But there’s no place le(ft) to hide…

I smoke two joints be(f)ore I smoke two joints…..And then I smoke two more

Relaxing in the bath (f)ully packed king palm of Fire OG

Reflecting on the adventures as o(f) late.

I sure (f)ound a smooth strain to match my mood this Sunday fun day. Humboldt for the win

Ice bong o(f) Fire Og in a super horny bath

A million reasons li(f)e to deny……Let’s toss them away

It was the kind of Sunday to make one ache for Monday morning. (F)

Wake n bake (f)uck me friday

Bath is citrus soak-king palm is stuf(f)ed with GSC

King palm stuf(f)ed with GSC, trimmed smoke for bath-time.

So I found a forgotten tincture bottle in my (f)ridge…..hello dosed iced coffee in the afternoon

You got your demons and you got desires….Well, I got a (f)ew of my own…. Açaí Sherbet packed king palm mini

Hemp bubble bath n an ice bong (f)ully packed with Sundae Driver.

Oh oh, there’s no smoke without a fire, and there’s no heat without a (f)lame….Oh oh, there’s no love without desire, but I won’t play your games

Courageous, just like the captain…..Marching (f)orward with no doubt in his head

Everyone smiles as you dri(f)t past the flowers that grow so incredibly high.

You would use your songs to say the words you couldn’t say. And every word you sang was about you and me(f)

my choice is what I choose to do and if I’m causing no harm it shouldn’t bother you……your choice is who you choose to be and i(f) your causin’ no harm then you’re alright with me

Now, I’m wondering if you’d come along; to hold up my head when my head won’t hold….on I’ll do the same if the same’s what you want. But i(f) not I’ll go….I’ll go alone

When a (f)riend requests a picture…

Those who say the past is not dead, can stop and smell the smoke. (F)

I smoke two joints be(f)ore I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more……

You know, this smells to me like a petite bit of self-created drama. I should know. Ive been starring in a (f)ew of my own.

Old school monster (f)at joints for Friday

Y’all can see me now ‘cause you don’t see with your eye….You perceive with your mind (f)

Messing with (f)ilters because I’m high….little things amuse me

We gonna ride the blue all the way to the end o(f)the world….icecream cake on fire

Just a nighttime stuf(f)ed king palm-mimosa so smooth

King palm stuf(f)ed with icecream cake-best bedtime indica

I need to pack a (f)resh bowl

(F)inally relaxing…wish you were here

Papaya Punch (f)illing my bong, shaved n tasty.

It’s a wake n bake be(f)ore coffee kinda day

Need to pack a (f)reshy….

Ice bong of my (f)avorite strain

When you know… know(f)

(F)ound a little bit of moon rocks I didn’t know was in my smoking stash.

(F)eeling my age but enjoying the sour strawberry in the ice bong.

(F)eeling feisty with my new favor vape.

The tree is not the only thing lit my (f)riends

Cashed the lava cake..(f)ixing to switch to Berry White. Gonna be a good night

Happy Saturday beautiful stoners (f)reshly packed lava cake ice bong.

Super stoked n extremely thank(f)ul my ice bong—Northern Lights

(F)ucking cold…who’s gonna cuddle

Perfect (f)all morning. In a great headspace & ready to conquer the world.

Northern lights is my new at(f)

(F)uck where’d the weekend go?

(F)uck me the Phillies are going to the World Series

Take a (f)ull pull & then blow on my nipples

(F)ree gift with my delivery…let’s toke n play

Tgi(f)…who’s wants to blaze?

Wedding cake (f)or a nighttime wind down strain.

Let’s toke up its (F)riday….

Can’t (f)ind my fire…light me up?

I(f) you don’t like my ? don’t cum around

I have an oral (f)ixaction & lets me play all I want. Till my (m)arried hole is dripping.

Feel like a small shower (f)un

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