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(F) turn this bed into an ocean..

(F) mischief making

(F) sweet dreams are made of these?

(F) Rapunzel vibes

(F) all she wants to do is dance..

(F) wait.

(F) are you gonna cum my way

(F) yes..

(F) penny for your thoughts

(F) players and games

(F) lusty secrets

(F) states of undress..

(F) now what…

(F) in that mid week mood

(F) getting handsy

(F) flipped

(F) a rainbow of flavor.. ?

(F) fire

(F) rewind it back..

(F) let’s get tangled..

(F) half full or half empty?

(F) come closer…

(F) seeing double

(F) let me show you something..

(F) what girls are made of..

(F) there’s a first time 4 everything..

(F) the eyes give me away

(F) thank you Santa..

(F) .. know every curve like the back of your hand

(F) pi..

(F) half full .. half empty..?

(F) show and tell..

(F) I spy with my small eye..

(F) heads or tails

(F) head trip

(F) backlit ?

(F) sinister selfies..

(F) Got my peaches out in Georgia ..

(F) what makes you smile?

(F) Sinfire Sundays

(F) visions of you and me..

(F) is it too late for a taste?

(F) beautiful side selfies

(F) She’s a guy eater..

(F) ready or not.. here i cum! ?

F) let you put your hands on me..

(F) for you know who..

(F) when I think about you…

(F) heat wave

(F) ass calls.. ?

(F) …the shape you take when crawling toward the pillow case..

(F) because…

(F) caressed

(F) pastel dreams

(F) his favorite

(F) be my baby tonight..

(F) made ya look..?

(F) sexy is an inside journey

(F) R n R

(F) summer lovin’…?

(F) I see her and I am lit.. ?

(F) vacation fucking just hits different

(F) my side of the bed

(F) in the mood

(F) hold on..

(F) so shy.. ?

(F) indigo slut

(F) sometimes it’s hot Saturday

(F) give me the night..

(F) intention

(F) and if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more..

(F) just thinking…

(F) aerial views ?

(F) a glimpse

(F) sugar and spice and everything nice..

(F) just one look..

(F) Monday.. sneaking up on me from the back ?☺️

(F) lights on.. or off?

(F) shawty got low, low, low, low

(F50) side piece..

(F50)upside down

(F50) Shady..

(F)50 back in ebony

(F)50 granting wishes

In the mood.. (f)50

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