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(f)44… does anyone remember me from back in the day? I’ve missed you!

(f)44… I’ll show you my face, am I still a contender?

(f) 44… this is a good position, especially backwards 😉

(f)44… it all still works like new, maybe better

(f)44… here’s my face. It’s good to have a face 😉

(f) I may be 44 but I’ve still got lots to offer (more maybe)

(f)44 Tastefully nude in the morning sun ☀️

(f)44 Good morning everyone!!

(f) covered in lube and precum, you pull the plug and thrust your penis in hard… you bang my booty and I scream in a good way until you cum and cum and cum

(f) now I drag you to the bathroom, lube in your hand, bending me over against the counter and intercourse me so so hard from behind

(f) now I make you stop and I turn around…your hard dong is throbbing but I make you slap and pinch my tits… you bite me

(f) now I take your big cock down my throat before I grab your hair and ride your face (I’m in control of this party)

(f) now you’re intercourse me so hard with your fingers and blowing my clit

(f) now you’re on your knees above me stroking your throbbing schlong while I open my mouth

(f) now picture me riding your dick 😉

(f) now bang me with your tongue

(f) so close you can taste it 😉

(f) Shhhhhhhh …

(f) Maybe you wanna see my face? In the bath?

(f) this is the very first undressed selfie I ever took ❤️

(f) everything is so slippery ❤️

(f) the full spread ❤️

(f) even I wanna fuck this photo

(f) I may not keep these ones up

(f) I’ve never posted a picture like this during the day before (or ever)

(f) I tell myself this is classy 😉

(f) what makes you most hard (or wet)?

(f) I don’t have anything supremely awesome today, so here’s my ass 😉

(f) because it’s Friday, I’ll show you my face 😉

(f) because it’s Friday I’ll show you my face 🙂

More than just nipples should be pierced ? (f)

This is called “creativity” (f)

I call this one “(f)ace with open mouth”

Action shot! (f)

It’s Friday! What are words that start with (f)? Fourty is one 🙂

(F)uck me Friday!

Maybe you don’t like baths? (f)

This is me (f) 44

(f) this finger can go anywhere 😉

(f) keepin’ it classy (for real)

(f) someone asked for knee high boots and red lipstick, but the best I can do are the lips and Doc Martens…

(f) no lipstick in this photo… you’ll have to decide what you like better ?

(f) Just when you thought you’d seen it all… 🙂

43 (f) wanna check in on my breasts with me?

43(f) As requested 🙂

(f) head to toe (only boots)

(f) here’s the other boob and more red lipstick 🙂

(f) red lipstick ? everywhere …

(f) this is way more fun to do in public 😉

(f) Full body (there’s something fun in this photo!)

(f) Betcha didn’t think you could make art from an ass… I made a heart and it’s just for you ❤️

(f) It’s good we’re all getting to know each other 😉

(f) Also a morning picture and a sleepy face 🙂

(f) I don’t ever brush my hair

(f) The rest 🙂

(f) would you put them on if I asked you to? It’s okay if they rip.

(f) It seems you want more…

(f) Tasteful art: freeselfshotgirls style

(f) Remember me? I came back! Just like a cat 😉

(f) I have a farmer’s tan this year 🙂

(f) maybe an older photo will jog your memory?

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