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Would you meet me in the bathroom for some Friday fun at work? ? (f)

Im so thirsty ? Would you help me out? ? (F)

?Its my cake day! ? Cum have a taste ?? (F)

Cum cuddle me? ?? Im snuggley, I promise ? (F)

Wanna celebrate Hump Day with me? ?? (F)

Whos ready for the weekend?! ??? (F)

Its almost Fuck Me Friday... I really need to be drilled ? help a teen out? ?? (F)

Cum distract me from work? ?‍♀️? (F)

Ho Ho Ho! Can I lick your stick for Christmas? ??? (F) (Banner)

Lets make my last day of 36 go out with a bang.. cum bang me ?? (F)

My birthday is cumming up... Should I do a hole reveal? ?? (F)

Having a shitty day.. would you FEED me or BREED me to cheer me up? ? (F)

Would you make it red? ? Pretty pleeeeeease ? I need it bad!! (f)

So ready to get off ? (F)

Wanna office from home with me? ? (F)

Cum take a shower with me? ?‍♀️ Itll save water ? (F)

Hey there ? Do you have something I can ride? ? (F)

(F)eeling down and office is boring. Cheer me up? ??

Its Sunday Funday! Tell me what you have in mind for (F)un ?

Im starving... can you feed me? ?? (F)

Hopefully this helps your Tuesday a tiny ?? (F)

Anyone down for some shower (F)un? ???

? Glasses or ? no glasses? Which do you prefer? ? (F)

Think I could help you out a little? ? (F)

I need some Sunday Fuckday snuggles... interested? ?? (F)

Who else is glad its Fuck Me (F)riday?! ??

Any ideas for how can we have the most fun on Sunday (F)unday? ?

Wanna join me? Its a tight squeeze, but I think youll fit ?? (F)

Starting Monday of(F) the right way ? Wish that was your face instead of my hand though.

Would you bend me over the counter so I can watch you in the mirror while youre in me? ? (F)

Wanna (F)eel? ?

(F)eeling bad at work ? wanna meet me in the bathroom?

I hope you have a fucking (F)antastic Monday! ??

(F)uck ? Please spank me ??

? What do you do on Sunday (F)unday? ?

(F) Could you help make my Monday better?

Can I bake you some cookies? ? (F)

Hope I can help make your Monday a little better ?? (F)

Lets have some (F)UN ??

(F)inally Fucking Friday! ? What are you doing this weekend? ?

(F)eeling ✨FUN✨ What about you? ?

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