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Fully ready (f)or multiple orgasms in a row

My eyes are right here (f)

My rectum lives its own life (f)

A throatfucking pov. Would you be merciful with me? (f)

Would you believe if I said I was an anal virgin? (f)

Should I pump leftie as well? (f)

Hope my udders’ asymmetry still won’t turn you of(f)

Offering you a (f)uzzy peach ?

(f) I don’t wear bras, because nothing can hide my nipples better than a male mouth (or female?)

Can you guess how much anal I get per week? (f)

Nipple (f)uck in hentai is my biggest kink, which one is yours?

Can you guess what my asshole’s trying to say? (f)

My tummy deeply needs some kissing traces on it (f)

Would you get intimidated by my fat nipples on a (f)irst date?

Master said I looked like a banging toy that evening, was he right? (f)

Pale skin plus pu(f)fy nipples results in petite naughty ghosts on my breasts

Hairy vagina and natural anus make me (f)eel like a truly nasty whore, and I love it

Are you a titties or ass man? (f)

Can you guess how much I’ve got used by the look o(f) my nasty pathetic holes?

My large nipples should be put on a leash (f)

I want to play innocent, but my holes speak (f)or themselves

Cum diet seems to work (f)or a free use throat like me

My nipples are a public property, so anyone can use them (f)or pleasure or fun, no matter where and no matter how rough

Wish my cheeks were spread wide all the time, so every stranger passing by could stuf(f) my greedy rectum

(F)eeling a bit shy to reveal my thighs, but slutty mood wins

Can’t get enough o(f) craving a thick penis

Before daddy came home vs a(f)ter

Patiently waiting (f)or my owner to milk my udders

Needing some good slaps and hickeys (f)rom a strict daddy

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