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POV: the elf NPC wants to give you the best reward for your quest (F)

Without looking back at the picture - what am I playing here? (F)

Cant get enough of Ghost of Tushima so I have to do two things at once (f)

Books, books, books. Wanna read together? (F)

Do u like my favorite wine cup? (F)

Thats how Id greet Eren even after what he did... (F)

Its not hard to find what Ive watched as a kid on my body... (F)

Wanna play and fuck? (F)

Ill let you win, because a happy dude fucks better (f)

I had 20 boxes while moving out, 10 of them are books and manga... (F)

You like cartoons? Heres Bugs Bunny in a beautiful way (F)

Hope youre into anime, cuz my posters says it all about me (f)

Easy challenge: name all of my anime posters (f)

I need to find more time for Ghost or Tushima but somethings stopping me... (F)

Guess my fav Naruto character? (F)

(F) Wanna try 1v1 in Naruto? You choose what loser have to do

I need to have my game time, but you can always watch me play like that (F)

You can choose the game, but were playing nude (F)

Name 1 book everyone should read ? (F)

Would you bang beauty Hinata? (F)

I bet I win with you in every fighting game (f)

Leaf village till I die (f)

(F) Cut scene from Naruto as Hinata joins Akatsuki

Enjoying myself while playing (f)

Are nerdy girls the wildest? (f)

Do you like my Harry Potter tattoo? (f)

Looser gives head (f)

Whos your favorite Pokemon? (f)

Distraction is the key to win 1v1 ? (f)

Play games or watch Marvel video together? (f)

Wanna read mangas with me? (f)

Wanna be my Player 2? (f)

You havent visited that area yet (F)

Plans for Friday: this (f)

I think I found the best position to play (F)

(F) Name anime from the poster behind me to pass the test for my bf

gamers are the sexiest people (F)

we can fuck if you fancy Hinata over Sakura (F)

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